Steppin up our tea game yo….

Here at CremaCoffeehouse, we try to live by a few simple rules….Be nice to everyone, make sure anyone and everyone who comes in feels comfortable and welcome, make awesome muffins daily, and serve the best drinks that we possibly can…having said all of that, we decided it was time to step up our tea game, so we got in some awesome new loose leaf teas from The Tea Spot, outta Boulder, Colorado…They came highly recommended from Jay, and his experience with the teas and the company, so we decided to give them a try. Wow, Jay wasn’t foolin around when he said that they were some of the best teas he had ever tasted. They are all sooper delicious. Out of the six teas we got, the standouts thus far would have to be the Earl of Grey, and the Boulder Blues…Which is a green tea made with strawberries and rhubarb…mmmmmm, very tasty teas…..other selections include Red Rocks, Peppermint, Boulder Breakfast(english breakfast), and green mint…so get in here and try them out…and remember, CREMA LOVES YOU!!!

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Thank you Jay DeRose for the photos.


From the Be Positive Spring/Summer 2011 Collection we present the Derby in a nappa leather version. We appreciate the little details and twists that the Italian brand adds to otherwise classic footwear. The lace-up shoe comes with an athletic white outer sole and neoprene foot socket. It is a new silhouette to the Be Positive line and will release this season.

Ristretto | A Cortado Is Not a Minivan

A cortado is a Spanish classic, a coffee

Here at CREMA, we really love the taste of espresso..Who doesn’t right?  We also love a little bit of milk too.  So it’s only natural that we’d like the two together.  Yep…Steaming that liquid vortex of a soon to be sweet and silky  ingredient mixed with the careful preparation espresso in what will become one of the best parts of your day. mmmm…The sugars that jump out of the milk  seem to just marry into all of the chocolate and citrus and nutty and fruity favors that a nice espresso has to offer..There is but one major factor that could potentially ruin everything(taking into consideration the quality of the barista).  Too much milk..AHHHH..It happens, but fortunately here at CREMA, we strive to never let the espresso get washed away by the milk.  One of our favorite, and i’m sure one your favorite drinks to participate in too, is called “The Cortado”…This is not some new concoction thought up by the genius minds here at CREMA coffeehouse.  Nope.  This drink has been served, and drank, for many many years by those who truly admire coffee and it’s taste with milk.  You see, Cortado means “to cut”.  Espresso cut with milk = Cortado. Usually in equal parts, but with sometimes a bit more milk than espresso, this delicious drink amounts to about 4 oz of pure flavor. Although often debated whether or not the milk is prepared more like a latte, or more like a cappuccino, it is extremely delizioso no matter which direction that goes.

Here is a cool article on the Cortado done by the NewYork Times…enjoi

more blogging soon to come….thanks for loving CREMA….becasuse CREMA loves you…




We got some tasty Sumatran, Ethiopian, and a great one from El Salvador. Plus the Herkimer espresso is on tap so come on down.


we will be closing at 1pm today, and will be closed on Sat. back open on Sunday. Also bacon maple muffins!!

5280 Magazine

5280 Magazine recognizes Crema Coffee House for not only it’s artistic coffee making, but in fact, it’s quenching tea drinks.

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